Thank you sincerely to all of the singers who attended our auditions

Opera Odyssey is most grateful to all of the opera singers who attended our auditions in Dublin at the end of January (2020). The staggering depth of talent exceeded our wildest expectations. We sincerely thank all of the singers for their interest and support, as well as for their invaluable help in promoting and sharing our website, and joining us on Twitter.

We are also indebted to our most distinguished panel of judges: Maestro Gianmaria Griglio, the acclaimed Violetta Lazin, and the renowned Prizrenka McCray. Their dedication and hospitality towards the singers was matched by a most diligent selection process beforehand, to select 60 for the live auditions from more than 220 singers who had applied.

What happens next?

Now the judges will review their notes in order to select singers for two aspects of the Opera Odyssey project.  The first of these is the film recording of a selection of 40 arias.  These recordings which will take place in Leipzig later this year, will be edited into our TV documentary series on the history of opera.  The arias will help us aurally illustrate the development of opera from the baroque era onwards.

Secondly, singers will be selected to join us on one or more of our gala concert mini tours.  Following the auditions, we have an embarrassment of riches!  It is wonderful for two reasons.  Firstly, we are able to substantially increase our plans for gala concerts to include far many more locations than we had envisioned initially.  But also, we can give more singers the opportunity of participating in this truly wonderful project.

And inspired by the audition performances, we have decided to promote some opera recitals in intimate venues in Ireland and the UK initially.  It will allow us even further involvement with the singers, which delights us thoroughly, and will also serve to promote the Opera Odyssey project as a whole.

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