Opera Odyssey Book

A limited edition publication

available in English, German, Russian, Arabic, and Mandarin editions

Being launched in late 2020, the Opera Odyssey book will be a glorious work on opera’s four century history. An expression of excellence and beauty, this luxurious book will take pride of place on any home coffee table or in any company reception area. Lavishly illustrated with more than 60 colour plates and more than 300 additional images, including specially commissioned paintings, the book is written in an authoritative yet accessible style. Everyone, from those only starting their exploration of opera, to the veritable connoisseur, will treasure this limited edition book, which features the lives of 100 composers and a selection of their operatic works.

Technical specification:
The Opera Odyssey book is an elegant, hardback, large format production (37cm x 29cm) weighing some 4kg.  The 500-page book is printed on 130g silk coated paper, thread sewn, and with Brillianta (Van Heek) cloth drawn onto 3000 micron board for the cover, which has the title debossed on the front and spine.

Publication is limited to 1000 numbered copies in a language edition.  The book is available exclusively through the Opera Odyssey website.

Music Consultant

Maestro Gianmaria Griglio


Biljana Nedelkovska


Gerard Patrick


Anja Racic

Alexander Novoseltsev

Head of translation

Mehdi Adlany

Founding Patrons

Although inextricably linked to the Opera Odyssey TV/DVD series, the book is a stand alone product, and is actually part of the exclusive gift market as distinct from the publishing sector.  The fact that it is also a limited edition further enhances its exclusive status.

Our Founding Patrons are supporters of the arts in general but with a particular interest in opera and classical music.  They graciously and generously support the book’s production through its advance purchase. In return their names or those of a loved one, are featured on the Founding Patrons’ page within the book as well as on the book’s dedicated website being launched in August 2019.

The 100 Featured Composers

Aav ♦ Adams ♦ Antasov ♦ Bajić ♦ Barber ♦ Bartok ♦ Beethoven ♦ Bellini ♦ Berg ♦ Berlioz ♦ Bizet ♦ Boito ♦ Borodin ♦ Britten ♦ Bruči ♦ Buys ♦ Caccini ♦ Carrer ♦ Catalani ♦ Cavalli ♦ Cherubini ♦ Cilea ♦ Cimarosa ♦ De Falla ♦ de Sarno-San Giorgio ♦ Debussy ♦ Donizetti ♦ Dvorak ♦ Eggert ♦ Enescu ♦ Gerschwin ♦ Giordano ♦ Glass ♦ Glinka ♦ Gluck ♦ Gotovac ♦ Gounod ♦ Granados ♦ Gretry ♦ Hajibeyov ♦ Handel ♦ Honegger ♦ Humperdinck ♦ Jakova ♦ Janacek ♦ Joplin ♦ Kalniņš ♦ Karnavicius ♦ Keil ♦ Leoncavallo ♦ Ligeti ♦ Lully ♦ Madetoja ♦ Makedonski 

Mascagni ♦ Massenet ♦ Menotti ♦ Meyerbeer ♦ Moniuszko ♦ Monteverdi ♦ Moruzi ♦ Mozart ♦ Mussorgsky ♦ Nielsen ♦ O’Dwyer ♦ Paliashvili ♦ Penderecki ♦ Peri ♦ Pijper ♦ Ponchielli ♦ Poulenc ♦ Prokofiev ♦ Puccini ♦ Purcell ♦ Rameau ♦ Rangström ♦ Ravel ♦ Respighi ♦ Rimsky-Korsakov ♦ Rossini ♦ Saint-Saëns ♦ Samaras ♦ Scarlatti ♦ Schjelderup ♦ Schoenberg ♦ Schreker ♦ Shostakovich ♦ Smetana ♦ Spendiaryan ♦ Spontini ♦ Strauss, Richard ♦ Stravinsky ♦ Szymanowski ♦ Tchaikovsky ♦ Verdi ♦ von Weber ♦ von Zemlinsky ♦ Wagner ♦ Wallace ♦ Wolf-Ferrari

Become a Founding Patron

Founding Patrons provide invaluable operational support in the production of the Opera Odyssey book.  They allow us to obtain reproduction rights for images not in the public domain; enable us to undertake the monumental task of translation, where among the challenges is that fact that some opera terminology simply does not exist in certain languages; and they permit us to commission unique artworks.  Their generous support through advance purchase is acknowledged by their inclusion on the Founding Patron’s page inside the book and on its dedicated website.

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