Gala Concerts

The planning for our extensive programme of innovative Gala Concerts, not to mention the entire Opera Odyssey project was thrown into chaos with the advent of the virus pandemic.  We remain committed to our original tour programme but it is impossible to plan at this stage. 

What we DO know is that the Inaugural Gala Concert will take place in Prague in the Czech Republic, and at this point that is likely to occur in March/April of 2022. Our twitter account is a good place to stay up-to-date with developments:

Inaugural Gala Concert

We have chosen Prague as the venue for the inaugural gala concert for a few reasons.  Firstly, we wanted to honour the Prague Conservatory as well as the Praga Sinfonietta Orchestra, and its founder (and our esteemed Associate Conductor) Miriam Němcová, all without whom, the Opera Odyssey project would not have made the progress it has.  And of course being in Central Europe, it is ideally placed for those wishing to travel to what will undoubtedly prove to be a most innovational event.  As you may have seen on our home page, the gala concerts are rather epic five-hour affairs, a brief summary of which you may see below.  This page will continue to be updated as we include information of help to those planning on visiting Prague for the gala.

The Gala Concerts

A celebration of 400 years of opera

Pre-concert wine reception

Part one – Baroque and Classical era opera

First intermission – Entrée & main course of dinner

Part two – Romantic and Belcanto opera

Second intermission – Dessert & coffee

Part three – Verismo opera & beyond

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