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Opera Odyssey is an Open Participatory Arts Project meaning that everyone can contribute to, and be a valuable part of, this ambitions educational undertaking. Your donation now, provides invaluable resources to ensure the timely progression of this breathtaking project. This support is vital as none of the three facets of the project can generate revenues for more than a year from now. And when they do so, they will be donated to Musicians Without Borders. We are now at the stage where considerable deposits must be paid to secure venues for our Gala Concert Tour; reproduction and recording rights must be financed; essential artworks and graphic design must be commissioned; and substantial translation work must be undertaken.  This is why your support now, is critical in bringing this glorious project to fruition.

Our third party debit/credit card processor is PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use it. Just select the pay with debit/credit card option.  When you press the ‘donate’ button, the form that PayPal presents allows you to write a brief message underneath the donation amounts. We respectfully suggest you include your name in this section IF you also decide to provide your mailing address. It is not essential, but we would very much like to write and thank you personally.

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